Fireshield Services

Following a successful career in the Fire and Rescue Service the company was incorporated in 2015 to give the business community access to high quality fire safety services. Based in Dundee, we specialise in providing Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Safety and Management System audits, Training and Fire Equipment services to companies throughout Scotland.

We have a passion for fire prevention, not only does fire kill but the consequences for any business unfortunate to experience a significant fire event can be catastrophic. Through our extensive exposure to a wide range of fire and emergency incidents we take great pride in helping business understand the risk of fire and delivering cost effective solutions as part of a programme of continuous improvement.

We have highly experienced consultants who have worked in the fire and rescue service performing a range of roles from fire safety enforcement, emergency management and contingency planning.

Our mission is to protect your business from the consequences of fire, enabling it to thrive and prosper

Our Values

Aiming for Excellence

Constantly seeking ways to improve the things that we do and the way that we do them

Delivering our Promises

Acting with integrity and taking personal responsibility for making the right thing happen

Putting Customers First

Ensuring that individuals are at the heart of all that we do, striving to meet their differing needs and expectations

Working Together

Working in partnership and developing long standing relationships

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