Fire Extinguishers

A study by the Fire Industry Association revealed that 80% of fires tackled with a portable fire extinguisher were successfully put out.

Cost of Fire

More than 70% of businesses who experience a significant fire fail within 3 years. Don't become a statistic take action to minimise the risk.

Fire Kills

The "Duty Holder" is ultimately responsible for fire safety within the workplace. Everyone has a part to play "you can prevent fire".


Fire Risk Assessment

The legal duty which is imposed by the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, as amended, seeks to achieve safety in the event of a fire. There are seven general requirements placed upon the Duty Holder.

  • Undertake a fire risk assessment of the building
  • Identify suitable fire safety measures to reduce the risk
  • Implement the safety measures
  • Control, monitor, maintenance and review of the fire safety measures
  • Compliance with the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006
  • Keeping the fire risk assessment under review
  • Maintaining an adequate records system

The responsibility for compliance with these duties sits with the employer and other persons who have significant control over the premises. If you require further advice or would like a no obligation quotation please contact us.

Audits & Surveys

Fire Safety Audits
Does your fire safety procedures and management system form part of a quality assurance audit. If so we can assist you by facilitating a pre audit check to identify areas for improvement. We can provide you with support to improve policies, procedures and general fire safety standards in single buildings or across your estate.

Fire Surveys
This service is aimed at a number of different clients; it may be a business who is looking to move to new premises; requiring a review into the existing provision of portable fire extinguishers or completed a recent alteration or upgrade to your facilities.

If you require further advice or would like a no obligation quotation please contact us.

Events & Management Plans

Event Fire Safety

As an organiser of an event you will have to develop emergency plans which take account of the fire safety of the audience. This will typically involve determining the capacity of the venue, planning suitable fire exits, fire action plans and evacuation. Fireshield Services can assist you to plan and organise a safe event including undertaking before performance inspections to ensure compliance with local council licensing arrangements.

Fire Management Plans

If you are a business that has specific fire risks in relation to the operation it is good practice to develop a plan to mitigate the potential impact of fire and protect the continuity of your business. Our consultants have significant experience and background from the fire and rescue service. Working with you we can develop comprehensive plans which will assist you to manage the emergency and liaise with the relevant stakeholders to deliver successful outcomes.

If you require further advice or would like a no obligation quotation please contact us.

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