Fire Extinguishers

A study by the Fire Industry Association revealed that 80% of fires tackled with a portable fire extinguisher were successfully put out.

Cost of Fire

More than 70% of businesses who experience a significant fire fail within 3 years. Don't become a statistic take action to minimise the risk.

Fire Kills

The "Duty Holder" is ultimately responsible for fire safety within the workplace. Everyone has a part to play "you can prevent fire".



As a responsible employer you have a legal duty to provide training to all staff including regular refresher courses. The fire training which we provide is tailored to meet specific fire risks as a consequence of the nature of the building or the processes which are undertaken. Typical examples of the training which we are able to deliver include;

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher operation - practical scenario based training to enable delegates to safely select and use work equipment
  • Evacuation Training - to test the effectiveness of your Emergency Fire Action Plan and feedback on learning outcomes
  • Fire Safety Awareness - understand the causes of fire, fire spread, prevention and measures to protect the building occupants
  • Fire Marshal/Warden - provide enhanced knowledge and understanding to enable delegates to perform specific roles including evacuation and co-ordination of fire safety activities

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BullsEye Simulator

Quality fire safety training is crucial to ensure the safety of staff and to deliver effective outcomes for business. To provide a realistic and engaging experience for delegates Fireshield have invested in state of the art digital fire and portable fire extinguisher simulation equipment. In addition to providing a realistic training experience the BullsEye system contributes to the aspiration of zero carbon emissions.

The BullsEye extinguisher uses a laser to replicate discharge

Relies on LED driven digital flames to provide a safe training experience

Any number of trainees can be trained in a single day without the need to recharge extinguishers

Realistic sound effects, a timed discharge and weighted accordingly

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Misty Mask

Misty is an electronic vision-restricting mask for situations where it is not possible to use a smoke generator in combination with the BullsEye fire simulator. The trainer operates the equipment via a wireless remote device through which the "vision" of the delegates can be varied. From emergency evacuation through to portable fire extinguisher operation the simulator helps delegates to operate confidently in conditions which may be experience in a fire situation.


  • Wireless remote controlled operation
  • Trainee safety button to restore visibility
  • Variable visibility from clear to obscure
  • Realistic scenario based situations

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